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Telephone System Buyer's Guide
(How to compare Telephone Systems and Suppliers)

The Voicemail System:
  • Does it have at least 4 Ports? In order to keep the price low, some manufactures or vendors will offer you a two (2) port Voicemail System. Two port systems are very ineffective if someone is checking their messages and more than one caller is using the auto attendant or leaving a voice mail. 
  • Consider a two port system the same as having congestion on a narrow road. There are just not enough paths for the traffic. Only two people can be in the voicemail at the same time. The STE-COM voicemail systems all have four (4) ports or more.
  • If the voicemail system separate from the phone system, does the voicemail system come with a separate battery backup? STE-COM includes an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with all external voicemail systems. If power goes out you will still be able to retrieve important messages.

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