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Telephone System Buyer's Guide
(How to compare Telephone Systems and Suppliers)

The Telephone Equipment:
  • Look at the warranty. How well is the manufacturer and the dealer backing what they sell? Toshiba and STE-COM offer a TWO YEAR WARRANTY on parts and labor. Most others systems come with one year.  
  • Price an annual service contract up front. For comparison purposes, add those expenses to the cost of the systems with short warranties.
  • Stay away from the after-market extended warranties. They often have deductibles, exclusions, hidden costs and lots of legal language. Some dealers will offer or include them to make it look like they have a competitive warranty.
  • Ask about the reason for a short warranty. If the manufacturer of the phones only has a short warranty, e.g. one year, or if the dealer is only offering one-year labor, you may want to ask "why".
  • How well is the phone set made? If you press hard on the plastic near the keypad, does it flex? The type and thickness of the plastic will tell you a lot about how the rest of the phone is built. You could (if so inclined) stand on the Toshiba system without causing damage. (We’ve done it!)
  • Does the phone system quote have internal battery backup included in the event of a power outage? How long will the batteries last? Toshiba will give you 1½ - 2 hours or more under normal use.

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